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We have started Krinjal Learning with “Basic Python Course in Nepali”. We are taking this class as an experiment to collect data that will provide help us to make krinjal learning experience for other courses in future better.

Currently, 1870 students are taking this class.


Lecture 0

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

Lecture 8

Basic Assginment


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Office Hour


  • Saturday 11 am - 11:40 am (Central time i.e, Austin, TX time)
  • Saturday 9 pm - 9:40 pm (Central time i,e, Austin, Tx time)

you can use this converter to find time in your time zone


  • Kaushik will soon add his office hour to go over assignments

Please do not post your answer in slack, let other learn on their own. If someone asks a question in slack and you want to help, then don’t write whole code for them; instead just help them by telling them what they need to change.