What are we busy in these days?

At Krinjal, we believe in creating impact through simple ways. Hence, we have various ongoing initiatives/projects aligning with our vision, mission and goal.


Shikshya Dikshya

Shikshya Dikshya is an education assistance program initiated by Krinjal that provides financial assistance to needy students. We believe that every child deserves education without any financial burden. Therefore, through this program we bridge between sponsors and students, and ensure that each penny of our sponsor reaches a truly needed student.

We take nominations, as well as collaborate with different schools to identify the students. Once we get the needed information about the student, with a thorough screening process the students are selected and then matched with a suitable sponsor. We provide our sponsors regular updates on the student they are sponsoring, along with the choices of anonymity and scholarship name. Formally curated in 2021, we have already matched more than 20 students from different parts of Nepal, and have more than 50 students under the process of screening and getting sponsorship.

Pahilo Kadam

Pahilo Kadam is a mental health assistance program initiated by Krinjal that works in creating a space for mental health conversation, and assists people seeking mental health related help.

Through this project, we aim to form a safe community where any individual seeking help can reach out and get the needed assistance in time.

Ask Counselor Anonymously (ACA) is one of our platforms under which people get to ask questions to a counsellor anonymously, whereupon they will be addressed by professional counsellors. The addressed questions are put out via weekly videos so that along with the one who had asked the question, anyone going through similar experience will also be able to reflect.

For a more personal one-on-one session we also help people connect with verified counsellors through our database. We also work in igniting conversations of mental health in schools and through our different collaborative programs.

Techie Nepal

Techie Nepal is a STEM skill generation program where students from grade 9 to 12 of rural villages of Nepal, get introduced to the practical aspect of STEM education and acquire Python programming skills to start their journey in the STEM field, through onsite and online training while being mentored by professional Nepalese working in the top tech companies of the world.

Through Techie Nepal, we aim to provide programming skills to students through online and onsite resources using the practical approach of implementing code on a Raspberry Pi computer. Also, our goal is to provide a platform to the students to get mentored by Nepali professionals working in the top tech companies of the world.